Aaron took us to Ming Tsai’s restraunt and it was awesome!

I only took pics of the appetizers ans desserts on my iPhone, so I’ll update soon 🙂


Took a stroll around my childhood neighborhood in search of this…

Took a day trip to Charleston from Columbia, South Carolina today and had an awesome time. Had lunch at Jestine’s Kitchen and the soul food was fantastic!

so a friend told me to try this place out for burgers.  and it was delish!  d had the kuma burger (10 oz. burger with an egg on top) and their home made chips, which he loved.  i had the neurosis (10 oz burger with 2 cheeses, sauteed mushrooms and onions) and waffle fries.  the burger was too big for me 🙂

d’s verdict: “one of the best burgers i’ve ever had”

it was a lil overboard with the heavy metal music, but if you can stand the noise, it’s so worth it!

We don’t get a lot of good sushi in Champaign, so our friends brought us to this place in Chicago.  It was pretty cheap AND super yammy-both things that u can’t get in C-U.