Right now, we’re in South Carolina for school and we get to eat some yummy southern cooking.

The best food we’ve had so far is from our day trip to Charleston. The first place we went to was Sweatman’s BBQ. I wrote on my fb that it was the best BBQ ribs I’ve ever had and yes, brother, I will explain.
(Most of this information is from Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ show that we watched before we ate here. I felt a little silly snooping around their grills in the sheds out back.)

At Sweatman’s, it’s different than what I’ve had before because:
1. Use a mustard sauce (southern thing; I actually prefer ketchup-based sauce, BUT this didn’t need much sauce, it was THAT good.)
2. Roast the whole hog and then separate it to ribs, white meat, dark meat, and then cracklings (skin-so good!)
3. Banana pudding (who knew i’d like it that much?)

The BBQ guy on Bourdain’s show said this is 100 mile BBQ because people will drive that far to eat it. The first 5 pics are from Sweatman’s and the last 4 are from Hominy Grill.

The second place we went to was Hominy Grill. A lot of famous ppl that have been there-Anthony Bourdain, Alton Brown, Rachel Ray, Anthony Hopkins (saw his pic in the bathroom), etc.

There was great service and all the food was from local farms.  I felt like the food was solid, but a little pricey for me for southern food.

Dessert let down: I was actually waiting for dessert to try their chocolate pudding (which Alton Brown said he said it was “the best thing he ever had”), but they ran out.   Oh well, I guess we’ll have to come back, hehehe 🙂