I know it’s a little early for our 3 year wedding anniversary, but when you have a chance of a lifetime you take it!  Now I might be a little dramatic, but it’s all in good fun 😉

Background:  So if you’re a foodie, you’ve heard of Grant Achatz and Alinea.  It’s one of the two 3-star michelin rated restaurants in Chicago.  So Chef Achatz opened a new restaurant in April called Next.   It changes its menu every 3 months and the opening menu is “Paris 1906.” This restaurant doesn’t just have reservations, it has tickets.  So in order to buy a ticket in the first month it was open, you had to have signed up BEFORE it opened and been on their waiting list.  They only release a few tables per day and sometimes, there are more than 1000 people logged on to their website!

Long story short, D signed up early and was able to get tickets! AH!
Here are pics, course by course and with my commentary 🙂  Enjoy!

Once in a lifetime.  Cross it off the list!