Valentine’s Day 2011.

You know, I used to care so much about V-day…like esp. when we were dating.  BUT now that we’ve been married, it doesn’t seem as important…

SO, instead of going OUT to eat, we stayed in and had KOREAN BBQ!  He really knows the way to my heart 🙂  What beats staying in the comfort of you own home, paying less than half the price of a restaurant, and having the after smell that permeates your rooms to remind you that you wanna eat more bbq, haha.

Here is a picture of the spread:  spicy pork, zucchini, kim chi, and mushrooms. (Can you find me?)
Of course, candles are supposed to be the romatical part of the night.

peek-a-boo 🙂

Here are some close ups.  Oh man. I’m drooling…I think I want to eat some more now.

close up 1

close up 2

We ate so much and still have more for another day-yes!  Sometimes staying home for special occasions is better than going out 🙂
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

This grill is one of the BEST investments D has ever made. We have had many a BBQ on this baby!